Are you satisfied with your significant relationships? How many of the following features of healthy relationships can you endorse?

  • My partner and I communicate well
  • We set aside time for our relationship
  • We understand each other
  • I feel respected and valued by my partner
  • I feel that my partner is committed to me and our relationship
  • We are able to share blame and resolve conflicts and differences
  • My partner and I function as a team re: household responsibilities
  • We enjoy spending time together
  • We enjoy the same leisure activities
  • Our sex life is good
  • My partner expresses love and affection towards me
  • My partner and I share the same basic values, morals, religious beliefs
  • We agree about financial management
  • Our relationship is free of control issues and power struggles
  • My partner encourages my independent activities
  • I am pleased with how my partner relates to family members
  • I trust my partner to be honest and open with me
  • Our social life with others is satisfying to me
  • My partner’s personal habits are agreeable to me

Each of these items is important to the success of your primary relationship. The absence of one or more of these elements may indicate areas of weakness that can be strengthened and improved in couples therapy with an experienced, non-judgmental professional.

A few sessions of solution-focused therapy can improve communication, deepen mutual understanding and satisfaction. This may ultimately make the difference in the success of your relationship.