Psychotherapy is a journey that is uniquely yours, shaped by your unique history, your experiences, vision and character. You choose your itinerary and ultimate destinations.

Therapy doesn’t have to be an endless journey that takes years to reach a sense of destination. Some people choose brief psychotherapy. They stop when they feel some relief from their symptoms and their immediate crisis is resolved. They may decide to return to therapy at another time, if new issues surface or the same ones reappear.

Others enjoy learning about themselves and choose to proceed further in long-term therapy which is more transformative.

Whatever the length of your journey in therapy, you will be changed by the experience – just as a vacation brings renewal, a change in perspective, new understanding and appreciation. Away from your usual activities, having new adventures in an unfamiliar environment, you interact differently, you see yourself, your partner or family in a different way.

With our busy lifestyles, most people don’t devote time to get in touch with their own thoughts and feelings. The therapy session offers a rare opportunity to be listened to more attentively than we listen to ourselves,

Without judgements, expectations, interruptions,

With an educated as well as empathic ear,

To see ourselves and loved ones more clearly,

In a safe, confidential place.