When Anger is a Problem

Do any of these items describe you?

  • I store up anger until I explode
  • I try to ignore my anger, hoping it will go away
  • When Iím angry, I do or say things that I regret later
  • My anger either frightens me or frightens others

When I get angry, I:

  • Yell or scream
  • Cry uncontrollably
  • Break things
  • Injure myself
  • Hurt others, either physically or verbally
  • My anger has resulted in problems at school, work, or with the law
  • I have tried to control my anger but have failed
  • I use alcohol, drugs, or food when Iím angry
  • I sometimes feel out of control when Iím angry
  • I think I need help managing my anger

If you have endorsed one or more of the above items, you may have problems with anger management. Therapy with an experienced professional will teach you how to "keep your cool" and control your anger. More satisfying relationships and an increased sense of well-being can be yours.